The Netherlands-based Hoenderdaal Fastener Company stated

The Netherlands-based Hoenderdaal Fastener Company stated that its Dynaplus® wood cladding screws are an ideal solution for fixing wood panels on facades or installing fence panels.
Due to its diamond-shaped tip, Dynaplus® wood-covered screws can automatically drill holes. The triangular tip can provide maximum drilling capacity in the wood while maintaining a high pullout strength to form a firm connection. Hoenderdaal points out that this means that the screws can be used 2 cm from the edge of the plank without the need to pre-drill and split the wood.
To make the surface smooth, the cladding screws are equipped with a smaller pan head, which also prevents the wood from splitting. When using an ordinary countersunk head on a wooden board, the head can work like a wedge. When the wood starts to dry after installation, the chance of cracking the wood at the screw head will increase. This problem does not occur when using the gimbal.
The TX driver provides users with the best power transmission from the drill bit to the screw, making it easy to tighten. The screws are made of hardened carbon steel, and the balanced hardening process makes the screws very strong, but still very soft. This reduces the risk of screws breaking during construction and when the wood begins to shrink or expand after processing.
Because Dynaplus cladding screws are intended for external use, they have an AR (anti-rust) coating. The bronze coating is very consistent with the wood, and the surface is smooth, and a black coating version is also available. “AR coating has high corrosion resistance and meets the highest standards; including corrosion grade C4″, Hoenderdaal Fasteners mentioned. This organic coating is composed of several layers on top of the electrolytic zinc plating, which provides the coating with very good adhesion. Even if the coating is slightly damaged during use, its self-healing ability can provide permanent corrosion protection for the screw. ”
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Post time: Nov-05-2020
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