How to fit a ground anchor: your step-by-step guide

If you store your bike in a shed or garage, and are concerned about bike security, then a floor anchor is a worthwhile investment. These chunky fixtures are best bolted into concrete and make the ideal immovable base to which you can lock up your precious pride and joy.

It’s no good having an expensive lock if there’s nothing to lock your bike to. Unless your lock is fixed to an immovable object it will be easy for thieves to steal, and your bike may not be covered by insurance. The solution is to fit a lock or floor anchor.

The best option is a heavy-duty ground anchor that’s bolted into concrete, but even a wall anchor screwed into a wooden shed panel or fencepost will provide some extra security.

Here we explain how to fit the Abus WBA 100 Granit anchor. But many of the principles are the same, whichever model you choose.

The ground anchor needs to be close enough to your bike(s) that your chain will fit through both the hoop of the anchor and your frame(s). In this case, rather than attaching the anchor to the wooden floor of the shed, we’ve cut a hole in the floor so we can sink the anchor bolts into the concrete underneath for extra security.

If you do this, make sure it won’t affect the structural integrity of the shed, and if you fit it in a corner it will be harder for thieves to target. Once you’ve decided where you want to position it, use a pencil to mark the location of the bolts.

Loosen the first Allen bolt and slide the base away, then use a 5/8in bit to enlarge the hole. Repeat steps 4 to 8 and then repeat the process for the other holes.

Don’t forget, you’ll also need a good quality, strong and secure lock to go through your bike to attach to the ground anchor. Our guide to the best locks and chains is a good place to start.

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